MATTR provides new age solutions to an age-old problem around identity management in a digital world. With a focus on new and emerging technologies in particular digital credentials we typically unpack new technology concepts through the form of video.

The nature of these videos requires an application of design that transforms concepts that are quite technical into approachable and engaging video content.

The Kingdom of Kākāpō is a MATTR demonstration of how one can obtain 3 verifiable digital credentials when moving to a new country. This is a glance into the fast growing world of digital wallets and credentials. 

TrustFinder is a tool designed to filter misinformation and seek out trustworthy data on the internet. By binding digitally-signed annotations to data on the web, users can verify and ensure the integrity of any information they encounter.

My role in the production of this marketing video was leading out the storyboarding, videography (which included green screening), and the animation production.