Tohu was a campaign brief from Auckland Art Gallery to encourage more people to become volunteer tour guides at the gallery. In a team of 3 we set out with a target audience of young art lovers who have excellent interpersonal skills. 

When starting this project we had much discussion around how we engage with potential volunteers without offering an incentive. The art gallery also has a high standard for their tour guides, so it was important to connect with individuals with the right attributes and abilities.

Our solution, a personality quiz that would compare the user to 1 of 5 famous New Zealand artists. The user would answer 10 personality questions such as "romance or comedy?" and answer by selecting the artist's paintings in an interactive quiz website. It's natural for humans to want to belong to a group. By comparing them to an artist such as Frances Hodgkins or Ralph Hotere, they feel complimented and a part of the art community. Which encourages them to look into volunteering as a guide at the Auckland Art Gallery.

My role as motion designer was to create an engaging motion piece that ran on social media platforms to lead people to the quiz. 

The video uses the technique of an infinity zoom, to fly though a collage cut style world of each of the 5 artist. Building up an anticipation and excitement for which artist the view could be.